Wound Paste

Pentagrow Wound Paste is a wound sealant. It is mainly used in tomato cultivation for covering wounds, created after cutting out botrytis spots. The paste ensures that the wound does not dry out further and that spores of fungi do not have a chance to enter the plant. The paste is made of finely ground clay, to which extra silica is added, among other things.

The paste should be applied in a layer of 2 mm and generously around the wound. The squeeze bottle is a handy tool for this, but it is also possible to apply it with a brush. The stem should be smeared all around if possible.

When treating small infestations (2-3 cm), the site can be excised, but is not necessary. For larger infestations (greater than 3 cm), first cut out the infested area until no infested weathering can be seen. Then smear a thin layer of Pentagrow Wound Paste over the site in a 2 mm layer. It is important to smear about 3 cm around the wound as well and also the back of the trunk. Shake the bottles well before use and stir the contents of the buckets well before use. After use, seal containers tightly to prevent drying out. The storage temperature is between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Pentagrow Wound Paste is an organic, clay-based product that may be applied by anyone. It contains no components that are hazardous.

Instructions for use
Instructions for using wound paste


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