Agroplanta announces market launch of soil amendment Trillus®
“Soil addition fits the trend toward regenerative agriculture”

For several years, German open field cultivation has been leaning towards regenerative and sustainable agriculture. The company Agroplanta has developed a new soil adjuvant called Trillus® which, through an interplay of two carefully selected, patented microorganisms (Pseudomonas fluorescens and Trichoderma harzianum), is intended to improve nutrient efficiency and yield in conventional and organic cultivation. After the first promising test results in Colijnsplaat in the Netherlands, the official market launch is now taking place, reports Friedrich Boecker (right), distribution manager of the company.

“The soil microbiome contains masses of organisms, most of which we cannot see at all with the naked eye. The most represented organisms are bacteria and fungi. These can again be divided into numerous subspecies and strains. These organisms perform various tasks, such as breaking down organic substances, ensuring a nutrient cycle, or positively influencing the soil structure.”

Deployment potential in conventional and organic farming
“By using the soil amendment Trillus, the grower supports soil life in the soil with beneficial microorganisms. As a result, the crops are more tolerant to abiotic stress, absorb the available nutrients more efficiently and have a higher harvest potential,” says Friedrich.

Trillus is suitable for the cultivation of consumption onions, among other things.

“In Polish lettuce cultivation, the product has been used successfully for about three years. In Germany and the Netherlands, we are initially focusing on potato and onion cultivation. However, in the long run, we also see deployment potential in lettuce or tomato cultivation, not only in organic, but also in conventional cultivation.”

Exact tests potatoes 2017-2021, experimenter: agro nord, N.U. Agrar.

Solution for future agriculture
“With Trillus, the soil is revitalized. The plants get a stronger root network and grow better. This is a solution for the agriculture of tomorrow that benefits the soil, the environment and also us humans.”


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