The dosage of Pentakeep

Pentakeep can be applied both as a root and foliar fertilizer. Pentagrow BV prefers root fertilization (rhizosphere), because this fertilization is the most accurate.


The recommended dose for root fertilization is 0.5 liters (635 grams) per hectare per week. The frequency can be adjusted depending on the crop status, season and cultivation.

The use of Pentakeep requires careful consideration. Because Pentakeep is offered at the plant once, the application must be as optimal as possible for the best results. It is important to know how long Pentakeep is in the water system on its way to the plant. This is most easily tested with a red iron test. Place a number of cups in the garden that you can check for discolouration after each watergift. When the water colours red, you know how many gifts it really takes to reach the plant. The best method is via the venturi system, which allows you to know exactly what you are doing for each tap section. Of course you can also pulse or contribute by the daily stock. Make sure that there is still a small amount of water in the tank, mix Pentakeep in it and give this as the first turn before you replenish the day’s stock.

Pentakeep should be applied in the morning, as that is when the plant is most active and allows Pentakeep to be absorbed. When Pentakeep is at the root, the plant should be given time to absorb it. On average, this is 2 hours, weather permitting. It is wise to postpone the drain for a few hours to prevent leaching. During recycling Pentakeep has been diluted too much and possibly even broken down in a dirty system, so that further absorption and effects are minimal. Therefrom Pentagrow recommends to use Pentakeep optimally during the first administration.

5-Aminolevulinic acid is an organic substance that breaks down a number of % per day. After 10 days Pentakeep can no longer be found in the system. Therefore, never prepare the Pentakeep dosage for the A and/or B container, in addition to the degradation that takes place per day and the dilution due to the excessive amount of water (50cc/100 liters of water), these containers also contain perioxides that can break down Pentakeep.

By the use of Pentakeep, the photosynthesis will increase,also the absorption of water and fertilizers. Adjust the watergift and fertilization accordingly. In general, the plant will absorb 10-30% more water and fertilizers.


For foliar fertilization, the recommended dose of 0,5 litres/ha/week applies. The spray concentration is 50cc/100 liters of water. Mixing with chemical pesticides is possible, provided the PH value of the spray liquid remains below 7. With foliar fertilization it is important that the leaves are well sprayed, especially at the bottom, because this is where the leaf mouths are located. Then give the crop time for absorption.


  • Always use the correct dilutions.
  • Use the solution immediately after mixing. Do not leave any solution for later use.
  • Pentakeep should preferably not be used mixed with pesticides.
  • Do not use Pentakeep in combination with alkaline pesticides and sulphur-containing fabrics.
  • In case of mixed use with pesticides, first prepare the spray liquid with the pesticide and add Pentakeep last.
  • The PH value of the output water must be less than 8.
  • The recommended concentrations and spray rates are general guidelines. The effects of Pentakeep depend on: species, variety, growth stage, weather conditions, climate conditions and cultivation methods.


  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If applicable, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Close the bottle immediately after use to prevent degradation.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight and high temperatures. Store in an environment with a temperature between 0-30 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


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