Pentagrow lets your agri- and horticultural business flourish

Nice to meet you. Pentagrow is the name. We are a trade organization in fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture. Together with you, we work to achieve maximum quality of your crops with a minimal use of chemicals. With our team of product specialists, we help you to make your agricultural or horticultural business flourish. We advise and guide you, free of charge, on the right product choice for each growth stage of your crop. We do this with the unique products Pentakeep, Nutri-Phite Magnum-S and Wound Paste, of which we are the exclusive worldwide dealer.

Pentakeep not only makes your crop grow faster, but also your yield. On average by 7%.

So what makes Pentakeep so unique? It is the only product in the world that contains 5-Amino Levulinic Acid. This liquid nutritional element supports your crop and activates its metabolism. This will keep your crop stronger and more vital during the cultivation.

”Pentakeep creates a stronger plant, a faster metabolism and a better root system. The hair roots in particular are important for better absorption of all elements. The result is more, nicer and heavier fruit and therefore a better harvest.

Cor den Hertog, general manager

Technically, Pentakeep promotes photosynthesis. As a result, the plant makes more dry matter and absorbs more CO2. As a result, the plants, fruits and flowers grow extra fast. The increased uptake of CO2 improves the balance, making your crop more energetic and less susceptible to disease. Your investment in Pentakeep always pays off. Because adding it to the plant will only cost you 1 eurocent per square meter per week and will give you an additional return of 7% on average. So count the benefits of Pentakeep.

Pentakeep does well on potting soil, rockwool, glasswool, peat, peat moss and coir, so I’m sure it will also fit well into your substrate

Pentakeep does well on regular soil, but also on all artificial soils for plant growth, or substrates. Examples include custom premixed potting soil, rock wool, glass wool, coir, polyurethane foam, peat fiber, peat moss and coir. In short, Pentakeep is sure to fit into your substrate.

(Cut) Flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, sugar beets… with Pentakeep, every crop grows like cabbage

Pentakeep is successfully applied in every crop. Consider, for example, cut flowers such as gerberas, roses, freesias and the cultivation of Alstroemeria and Lysianthus.

Flowers brighten up all over:

  • Stems become firmer
  • Less break stems
  • Flower buds and flowers grow bigger
  • Colors of flowers and leaves become more intense
  • Crops look fresher
  • Nutrients are better absorbed
  • Hair roots are better produced
  • Flowers have a longer shelf life
  • Growth becomes more balanced
  • Less chemical protective equipment is needed
  • Better control of biologicals


You want a maximum yield and optimum quality of your crop and plants. You prefer to use as less chemicals as possible. Pentagrow will help you with this. Do you want to know how? You can reach us on +31 (0)182 – 76 91 17 or send us a message.


Do you have questions about Pentagrow’s products or about Pentakeep’s results and dosages? In the FAQ you will find questions such as: When can the results be expected?

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The Pentagrow team consists of specialists, each in his field. We would like to introduce ourselves. We like to keep it personal. Nice to meet you!

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